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Rare 4-letter dotcom consisting of two 2-letter words Ax and Ad.  Ultra easy to type, easy to remember, easy to say.  Axad could also be a man's name, or AXAD, an acronym for certain software. ...or invent your own acronym. Advertising, Media, Computer Technology, Software, Portal, Search Engine, Adware removal software, Any website with limited ads.






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Those who attain a position of success, power, achievement, fame, or a certain place or time.  Achievers of recognition.
Social, Media, Celebrity, Entertainment, Business Success, Leaders, Sports Achievers 1250 In a hard to accomplish manner,  Difficultly. Sports Challenges, Success Accomplishment 2400 In a religious manner, morally, well-intentioned Religion, Social, Education 8500 Cooks in advance, or partially cooks. Food, Social, Cooking, Recreation 9200 To exist beforehand Religion, Supernatural, Astrology 4250 Blockages of anything that flows: water, blood, people, cars, pipes, etc.  Medical, Health, Engineering, Design,
Technology, Business 2200 Packing or shipping in contaiers. Packaging Product or Services, Shipping 8500 The ability to keep, or to remember.  Holding in position. Charging of an advance fee Corporate Resources, Business Consultant, Attorneys, fee services 3500 To incorporate again, restructure Business, Corporate Restructuring, Venture Capital, Legal, Investment 4500 In a fluent, undulating, or twisting manner.  Loquaciously.  Chattily. 7 letter English word. Oration, Literature, Writing, Acting, Social, Friends, Relations 2200 Folding knife, a certain type of dive.  As a verb, bends over, performs a jackknife dive, forms an abrupt angle. Knife sales, Sports, Swimming 4500 Short, 7 letter word.  Plural of xerosis, a dryness condition, esp. of the skin, eyes, or membranes. Dry skin or dry eyes remedies, Lotions, Cosmetics, Medical, Medicines. 7500 7 letter word.  Having been reawakened. Religious, Political, Psychology MAKE
6-letter dictionary word.  Whips, strikes, blows. Noun or verb.  Also, leather thong.
Loud, reverberant noises
Social, Blogs, Entertainment, Media  2475 Short dictionary word.  High pitched tones or sounds. Screams, Cries. Media, Entertainment, Social  

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