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All Reasonable Offers Considered 9600 Easily flowing, smoothly.  In Business, refers to easily convertible to cash. Business, Finance, Banking, Stock market, Investments






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Home Page 5400 Firmly, Stationary, Determined, Obsessively Very versatile, adaptable to many uses. 2800 6 letter English word.  Related to the hair. Hair restoration. Hair Products, treatments.  Drugs, Medicine. 2500 Be careful pronouncing this one!  Disguised with paint, Falsified, Counterfeit. 6 letters. Expos'e site, Media, Social, Entertainment, Scam Disclosure 1450 Curling, Waving, Frying Hair Styling, Cooking, Cosmetics, Hair Products 3600 Dressing, Enclothing, Getting dressed
in a distinctive style.  Only 7 letters.
Fashion, Clothing, Women's Wear, Entertainment, Celebrities 2450 Related to the spleen, vital to blood supply.
6 letter English word
Medical, Drugs, Essential Products, Fitness, Therapy, Health 3200 Includes  Short curve or twist.  Moved or drawn twistingly. Scribbled Art, Notes, Friends, Creativity, Social 1800 Using a chisel-like tool.  Also, germinating, growing.  Can also refer to a term used in oil drilling. Child bearing Info, Books, Education, Industrial, Gardening 5400 In a friendly manner. Social, Business, Public Relations, Entertainment 8250 Mixing, Blending Social, Friends, Advice, Gossip, Enterteinment, Games 7250 Eager to learn, Curious Education, Social, Dating, Creativity 1500 In a manner of embellishing speech. Education, Books 2400 Social status, prestige Fashion, Business, Prestige Products, Luxury Items 1500 Belonged, Was Suitable, Was part of Media, Social, History, Books  

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