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Short phrase, easy to remember, descriptive. Easy to say.  Airs is used in television and radio media to refer to broadcasting.  Live indicates broadcasting in real time. Television & radio media, entertainment, games, etc.






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Home Page 8400 A woman's name. Can also be viewed as y lady, for why lady? or other designation for the y. Short, 5-letters.  Easy to type, remember. Versatile.  Fashion, Social, Women's interests. 9500 Catchy, rememberable name.  Super easy to type, all 6 letters near each other on keyboard. Almost anything.  Entertainment, Reference, Search, Portal, Internet, Games, Social 12500 2 short, popular words. Easy to type, 8 letters close to each others on keyboard.  Post cat videos for mega-traffic! Pets, Entertainment, Animal Talent, Shopping for pet supplies, Photography, Veterinarian, Pet Health 1250 Image: photos, artwork, gfi, personal image, talent.  Luck: fortune, success, prosperity. Photography, PR, Advertising, Design, Image Software, Galleries, Pic Search 3200 Common words, descriptive phrase.  Reaches out to the viewer. Charity solicitations, Shopping with percentage to charity, Charity services MAKE
Rare 4-letter dotcom consisting of two 2-letter words Ax and Ad.  Ultra easy to type, easy to remember, easy to say.  Axad could also be a man's name, or AXAD, an acronym for certain software. ...or invent your own acronym. Advertising, Media, Computer Technology, Software, Portal, Search Engine, Adware removal software, Any website with limited ads. 2200 Easy to remember "happy" phrase Entertainment, Games, Social, Media, Events, Consumer goods 4800 Short phrase, easy to remember, descriptive. Easy to say.  Airs is used in television and radio media to refer to broadcasting. Television & radio media, entertainment, games, etc. MAKE
Pronounceable 4-letter dotcom domain name. Oz could be an ounce, or it could be Oz, a magical place, a fantasyland, a bizarre place. Could also be a nickname for Oscar. Entertainment, Medicine, Consultation,
Almost anything. MAKE
A type of coral. Jewelry, Nature, Ecology MAKE
Buy10 can refer to buying 10 at a time (bulk sales), buy at 10% discount, buy the best (scale of 1 to 10)., Can be applied to any type of sales MAKE
Popular name used by many types of businesses. Easy to remember. Consumer Goods, Shopping.  Commerce MAKE
Top diva. Diva is a renowned female opera star, but can also refer to anyone who thinks they are more fabulous than others. Music, Entertainment, Social, Business  

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