The Negative Effects Of Anabolic Steroids On Body Organs

Side Effects Of Steroids


Anabolic Steroids are androgens that have a similar structure to testosterone, a steroid hormone produced naturally by the body. Anabolic steroids are powerful and controlled substances that should only be consumed under prescription and medical supervision.  They are used for body building purposes and to increase muscle tissue. However, health care providers have raised concerns over the widespread and uncontrolled use of anabolic steroids for sale, leading to the occurrence of adverse effects.  Due to the highly controlled nature of anabolic steroids, very few individuals use them under medical monitoring and follow up, thereby ending up presenting at health care facilities once the ill effects of steroids set in. Some of the documented side effects on different body organs include:

The Skin

Prolonged and over consumption of anabolic steroids affect the skin negatively. Skin ailments such as rashes and acne are common in steroid users. It also results in appearance or increased occurrence of stretch marks in the body. Steroids have also been implicated in male baldness that is unrelated to genetics. In other cases, their use has been shown to cause water retention in the body leading to edema.

The Circulatory System

Anabolic steroids negatively affect blood and heart alike. In blood, it causes a rise in the levels of harmful cholesterol, which over time deposit on the walls of blood vessels leading to blockage. A block in a blood vessel in the heart will result in coronary heart disease, ischemic episodes and ultimately a heart attack. If the affected vessel is located in the brain, a stroke will ensue. A rise in cholesterol also results in high blood pressures which if left uncontrolled can lead to the above grave medical emergencies. Different types of blood infections such as Hepatitis B and C and the HIV virus can be introduced into the blood of steroid users if they share items such as needles.

The Liver

Since the liver is the main organ tasked with the function of getting rid of ingested anabolic steroids and their metabolites from the system, it bears the blunt of prolonged use of high doses of steroids. With time, its function becomes impaired, and if this is not promptly corrected, it fails altogether. Other pathologies such as cysts that contain blood that have the potential to rupture and harm the liver, and in some cases development of tumors have been reported.

The Musculoskeletal System

In adolescents that start using  them early, anabolic steroids result in an arrest of growth, as the growth plates in these users close earlier than usual hence causing stunted growth. Due to the increased rate of growth of muscle tissue, the muscle fibers tend to be weaker than normal thus increasing cases of muscle strains and worse still muscle raptures.

The Brain

Apart from the physical effects of anabolic steroids, mental ill health also comes as a result of uncontrolled use. These psychological adverse effects include; habit forming tendencies, unstable mood status, aggressive mannerisms that can spill over to violence, setting in of depression, and occurrence of psychotic episodes.